Welcome to the Climate and Geohazard Services’ blog. CGS is an interdisciplinary group of experts based at the University of Leeds, UK. We are an academic research group addressing the impact associated with a changing climate, natural hazards and their contingent risks. Our expertise covers a broad range of topics from the study of climate change, earthquake and volcanic hazards to the sustainable management of water resources in Africa.

The aim of this blog is to raise awareness of research and developments in the fields of climate science and natural hazards; not only at Leeds but also from the global scientific community.

We’d like the blog to be a source of useful information for anyone interested in these important topics. As such the posts will be written with the non-expert readers in mind.
Healthy debate and discussions concerning any posts are thoroughly encouraged. Please remember to keep any comments and replies civil. The moderator will remove all spam and/or any misuse of the comments feature.

If anyone would like to contribute a guest blog or become a regular blogger please email me (Ekbal Hussain) at cgsleeds@gmail.com.

For more information please follow the Twitter feed: @cgs_leeds: https://twitter.com/cgs_leeds
and Like the Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Climate-and-Geohazard-Services-University-of-Leeds/217694445042556


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