Half of the United States in the grip of droughts

Half of the United States in the grip of droughts

The central plains and the American Southwest have been experiencing persistent drought conditions for the past several years. However, recent analysis of satellite images acquired by NASA (figure above) show that, as of May 6th 2014, even larger parts of the U.S. are experiencing drought conditions. Nearly 15 percent of the country is in the grip of extreme droughts.

The entire state of California is in some level of drought, with the period between the last twelve months the driest since records began in 1885. The impact of drought on California’s farms, forests, and wild lands has been widespread. At least 54 percent of the nation’s wheat crop is affected by some level of drought, as is 30 percent of corn and 48 percent of cattle.

The financial and sociological burden of the drought on the country as a whole will only increase as drought conditions persist.


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