Research Funding News – May 2014

School of Earth and Environment and CGS academics have had a series of successful research grants.

Graham Stuart (Principle Investigator) and Andy Hooper have had their proposal, Defining models of glacial isostatic adjustment in West Antarctica and Antarctic Peninsula (UKANET): better constraints on Earth structure and uplift, funded by a NERC standard grant (£767k to Leeds). The project involves the deployment, for 2 years, of 10 over-wintering broadband seismometers in West Antarctica and Antarctic Peninsula to determine their seismic structure, together with some GPS fieldwork to test weather models for InSAR earth deformation studies.

John Marsham (Principle Investigator) and Doug Parker’s project SWAMMA (Saharan West African Monsoon Multiscale Analysis) has been funded by NERC (£1.0M, with £665k at Leeds and £350k at the University of Reading). SWAMMA will quantify how the coupled processes of the Saharan monsoon system, including deep cumulonimbus convection (“thunderstorms”) and Saharan dust, determine the seasonal behaviour of the monsoon rainfall. The project will evaluate the role of these physical processes over Africa in determining the extent of seasonal rainfall, relative to the effects of the monsoon’s boundary conditions, which are provided by the global climate system, and how the monsoon feeds back onto the global scale. The project will test how these African and global effects control the seasonal stability of the monsoon rainfall and its variability: to what extent is a wet or dry year in West Africa determined by global or regional processes?

More updates from these investigations will be posted on here as the projects progress.