Planet Earth: The highest resolution timelapse of Earth ever created

This is the highest resolution video of our planet ever created. The animation shows the Earth from May 15th ato May 19th, 2011. It was created using images from the Russian geostationary Elektro-L weather satellite.

James Tyrwhitt-Drake from the University of Victoria in Canada used these images to create a super high definition 4K timelapse video of our planet. It’s pretty amazing!

P.s. Be sure to set the resolution to highest setting in the video.


Powerful Low Pressure System Over the UK = Wind and Rain

A powerful low pressure system affected the UK yesterday evening and overnight bringing strong winds and heavy rain to many areas of the UK.

From the Met Office blog:

“The low pressure system will continue to affect the UK today, bringing sunny spells and blustery, heavy showers with the chance of thunderstorms and snow over high ground. Severe gales are again expected around western and northwestern coasts, with the strongest winds likely over Northern Ireland and southwest Scotland, extending to northern Scotland later. You can see detail on this on our forecast and warnings pages.”

More Information: